#knitsonikpomegranates Investigating symbolism

Just jotting down some notes here on the varied symbolisms attached to pomegranates.

prosperity. ambition

the fruit of the dead – see Rossetti’s painting Persephona

related to the concepts of the earth goddess

calyx shared like a crown – is this where the idea for the crown came from?

abundance, fertility and good luck

used in celebrations of death, weddings, at New Year in Greece




The Tamil name maadulampazham is a metaphor for a woman’s mind. It is derived from, maadhu=woman, ullam=mind, which means as the seeds are hidden, it is not easy to decipher a woman’s mind

progeny, fecundity

resurrection and everlasting life

appears in traditions and religions the world over

the indissolubility of marriage

in season september to february which coincides with jumper wearing season in the northern hemisphere

native to iran and north east turkey

both sweet and sour

used in both sweet and savoury dishes – extensively used in cookery

Botticelli and Da Vinci both used them symbolically in paintings

Paul Cezanne’s “Ginger Pot With Pomegranates and Pears” and Pablo Picasso’s “La Grenade”

forbidden fruit