Pomegranate mood board and initial thoughts

I started this challenge by creating a Pinterest board to collect together the pictures I found which were Creative Commons licensed and which seemed to capture to me the visceral nature of the weird pomegranate.

This fruit is strange, and has an almost animalistic alien quality to it, which I wanted to find in photos other people have taken. Pomegranates are rich, sensual, rhythmic, patterned. They are voluptuous, dripping, sweet, and sticky. The best way to loosen the seeds is the cut the fruit in two and slap it with a wooden spoon. The seeds then fall, along with the bright red juice.

When I was a child my mother used to give us a pin to pick the seeds with.

Blood and pins. The colours are rich and gothic, they remind me of rich velvets and silks, of Hammer films, of delving into creamy flesh to reveal dripping swollen seeds of blood red.

Here is the board I have put together so far….

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